Titan Launch Totally M.I. High Magazine

Titan Launch Totally M.I. High Magazine preview

Titan Comics is proud to announce Totally… M.I. High magazine on sale 27 January!

The magazine is based on the popular CBBC television show, M.I. High, which follows the adventures of secondary school students Rose, Carrie and Oscar, while they work as undercover agents for M.I. 9.

This spy-tacular magazine is packed with puzzles, activities, quizzes and more! Fans won’t want to miss out on the exclusive interviews with the characters, all- new comic strip adventures, the must-read guide to being a spy, or the chance to gain secret intel on the M.I. High agents!

There’s even classified information about how readers can become a secret agent and take part in M.I. High Live, as well as the chance to win tickets to M.I. High Mission: UK! Plus, there are two spy-tastic gifts: an M.I. High invisible ink pen and notebook!

Don’t miss this all-access pass to the secret world of M.I. High in Totally… M.I. High magazine!

Totally… M.I. High Magazine
On sale 27 January
Available from all good retailers

Totally… M.I. High Magazine

Category: Announcements | Posted on: 27 January 2011