About us

About Titan Magazines

Titan Magazines was established in 1995 as a separate division of Titan Publishing Group Ltd, to produce officially licensed tie-in movie and TV magazines and comics.

Titan Magazines is the largest and most experienced publisher of licensed entertainment properties in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Licensing partners include:

Aardman • ABC • BBC • Bongo • CBS • DC • Disney • Hasbro • Lucasfilm • MGM • NBC • Nickelodeon • Paramount • Twentieth Century Fox • WWE

Titan Magazines currently publishes between 30-40 licensed brands (magazines and comics) every month in the US and the UK.

Past and present official titles under the worldwide Titan Magazines umbrella include:


Alias Magazine
Angel Magazine
Babylon 5 Magazine
Battlestar Galactica Magazine
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine
Charmed Magazine
CLiNT Magazine
CSI Magazine
Farscape Magazine
Grey’s Anatomy Magazine
Heroes Magazine
Indiana Jones Magazine
Lost Magazine
Prison Break Magazine
RAF magazine
Robot Wars magazine
Smallville Magazine
Stargate Magazine
Star Trek Magazine
Star Wars Insider
Supernatural Magazine
Torchwood Magazine
24 Magazine
Xena Magazine
The X-Files Magazine


Batman Legends Comic
Dreamworks Tales Comic
DC Universe Presents
Futurama Comics
Go Go Crazy Bones Comic
Indiana Jones Comic
Shaun the Sheep Magazine
Simpsons Comics
SpongeBob SquarePants Comic
Star Trek Comic
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic
Superman Legends Comic
Tank Girl Comic
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic
Terminator Salvation Comic
Torchwood Comic
Transformers Comic
Wallace & Gromit Comic
WWE Heroes Comic


Dora the Explorer and Friends Magazine
Fifi and the Flowertots Magazine
Jim Jam and Sunny Magazine
LazyTown Magazine
Lunar Jim Magazine
Noddy Magazine
Roary the Racing Car Magazine
Rupert the Bear Magazine
Timmy Time Magazine


Alien 3 movie magazine
Avengers movie magazine
Barb Wire movie magazine
Batman movie magazine
Batman Returns movie magazine
Batman Forever movie magazine
Batman & Robin movie magazine
Fantastic Four movie magazine
GoldenEye movie magazine
Hellboy movie magazine
Independence Day movie magazine
The Island of Dr Moreau movie magazine
Judge Dredd movie magazine
Jurassic Park movie magazine
Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World movie magazine
King Kong movie magazine
Madagascar movie magazine
Planet of the Apes movie magazine
Shrek 2 movie magazine
Spawn movie magazine
Spider-Man movie magazine
Spider-Man 2 movie magazine
Starship Troopers movie magazine
Star Trek Generations movie magazine
Star Trek First Contact movie magazine
Star Trek Insurrection movie magazine
Tangled movie magazine
Terminator Salvation movie magazine
Tomb Raider movie magazine
Tomorrow Never Dies movie magazine
Tron movie magazine
Twister movie magazine
X-Files movie magazine
X-Men 2 movie magazine