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North America, Central America and South America

All titles are handled by ESP Computer Services Inc

ESP Computer Services Inc
phone: US 1-800-261-6502
Canada (1) 818-487-4575
Europe and the Rest of the World

All titles are dealt with by Dovetail:

phone: 0844 844 0248
phone: +44 (0)1795 414 626(overseas)


For Marketing enquires relating to Arrow Comic (UK, AUS, NZ), Batman Comic (UK, AUS, NZ), Batman: The Brave and the Bold Magazine (UK, AUS, NZ), Barbie Magazine (US), Batman Comic (UK, AUS, NZ), Completely (UK, AUS, NZ), DC Universe Presents Comic (UK, AUS, NZ), DC Super Friends Magazine (UK, AUS, NZ), Monster High Magazine (US), Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine (US), Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic (UK, AUS, NZ) SpongeBob SquarePants Magazine (UK), Simpsons Comics (UK, AUS, NZ), Simpsons Comics Presents (UK, AUS, NZ), Souvenir One Shots Magazine (US, UK, AUS, NZ), Superman Comic (UK, AUS, NZ), Supernatural Magazine (US, UK, AUS, NZ),Totally (UK, AUS, NZ) Transformers Comic (UK, AUS, NZ), Star Wars Insider (US, UK, AUS, NZ), Star Trek Magazine (US, UK, AUS, NZ),Totally Magazine (US, UK, AUS, NZ) The Walking Dead Magazine (US, UK, AUS, NZ)

Marketing OfficerLucy Ripper

For Marketing enquires relating to any other titles

For Subscriptions Fulfilment enquiries & Subscription Incentive enquiries:

Senior Subscriptions ExecutiveBen Turner

For general Marketing / Press enquiries:

Marketing AssistantTara Felton


For all advertising enquiries:

Michelle Fairlamb



For all US circulation enquiries, contact:

John Dziewiatkowski

For all UK circulation enquiries, contact:

Circulation ExecutiveSteve Tothill
Unit 3
Tavistock Road
West DraytonMiddlesex
phone: 01895 433 600


For editorial regarding our specific titles, please choose from the following:

Barbie Magazine
Batman The Brave and the Bold Comic
Batman Legends Comic
DC Universe Presents Comic
Dark Knight
Dora The Explorer and Friends Magazine
Fifi and the Flowertots Magazine
Futurama Comics
Simpsons Comics
Simpsons Comics Presents
SpongeBob Comics
SpongeBob SquarePants Magazine
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic
Star Trek Magazine
Star Wars Insider Magazine
Supernatural Magazine
Totally... Magazine
Transformers Comic
The Walking Dead Magazine