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This month's highlights inside SEPTEMBER PREVIEWS (issue 276) include a CLiNT #12 WORLD EXCLUSIVE preview of the BRAND-NEW COMIC from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons! The conclusion to Alan Martin and Mick McMahon's Tank Girl Carioca #3 mini-series! Supernatural #29 Diamond PREVIEWS exclusive cover featuring Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, and new comic strip in Star Wars Clone Wars #9!

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What's New!

CLiNT #12

WORLD EXCLUSIVE preview of the BRAND-NEW COMIC from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons!
What's inside:
We’ve got a WORLD EXCLUSIVE preview of the BRAND-NEW COMIC from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, with unseen sketches and in-depth interviews!
Featuring WORLD EXCLUSIVE strips from Kick-Ass 2 and Rex Royd, plus Superior, Who Is Jake Ellis? and more!
Check out for the latest info, your chance to score a showcase in the mag, and exclusive downloadable posters!
Now day-and-date US/UK!
Order information:
SRP: $6.99
Item Code: SEP111236
Available to order now in September PREVIEWS
CLiNT #12 Cover


Amazing conclusion to the 52 page mini-series from writer Alan Martin and Mick McMahon!
What's inside:
The beautifully planned and executed (so to speak) murder of a famous TV game show host have had unexpected consequences on Tank Girl’s psyche. What should have been a dish of revenge best served red hot and spicy has left her hollow and empty. She has renounced her violent past and sought Nirvana but, like the band, it’s all ended in bloodshed and she now has seriously hardcore mercenaries in hot pursuit and keen to bring her to justice.
Will she find the path to enlightenment or the road to Hell?
Find out in the dimension-shredding climax of Tank Girl: Carioca, brought to you by Tank Girl creator Alan Martin and renowned artist Mick McMahon (Judge Dredd; Alien Legion; The Last American).
Order information:
SRP: $5.99
Item Code: SEP111238
Available to order now in September PREVIEWS


Stunning new comic strip!
What's inside:
Season 4 is exploding out of your TV right now, and for your in-depth, action-packed guide to the greatest Clone Wars adventures ever, look no further than Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine!
A breathless 52-page rollercoaster ride through the Star Wars universe, every issue brings you the latest and greatest from the smash-hit Cartoon Network show! From EXCLUSIVE imagery and profiles to brand-new comic strips, episode guides, interviews, posters, games, sweepstakes and more, Clone Wars Magazine is your gateway to a galaxy far, far away.... Don’t miss a single jaw-dropping revelation from this year’s new episodes!
Order information:
SRP: $4.99
Newsstand cover Item Code: SEP111237
Available to order now in September PREVIEWS
Star Wars Clone Wars #9 Newsstand cover


Diamond PREVIEWS exclusive cover featuring Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles!
What's inside:
Jared and Jensen on season seven so far!
Jim Beaver updates us on where things are at with the Winchesters’ father figure Bobby Singer, how Bobby feels about the soulless Sam trying to kill him, and whether Bobby will get a love interest!
Cindy Sampson and Nicholas Elia talk about their journeys on the show as Dean’s surrogate family Lisa and Ben during season six, Lisa’s demon possession, whether Dean is really Ben’s father, and how they felt about Lisa and Ben’s memory wipe by Castiel!
Kim Johnston Ulrich tells us about playing Dr. Eleanor Visyak, the academic who was secretly a creature straight from Purgatory!
‘Those Who Have Fallen’: We take a look back at the allies who’ve helped Sam and Dean through the years, and paid the price for it!
Order information:
SRP: $6.99
Diamond PREVIEWS exclusive cover Item Code: SEP111395
Newsstand covers Item Code: SEP111394
Available to order now in September PREVIEWS
Supernatural #29 Diamond PREVIEWS exclusive cover
Supernatural #29 newsstand cover

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