Hey Ghouls! Are you excited for the new year? Some say that 13 is unlucky, but 2013 is where all wishes and screams come true! One Monster High™ student whose screams are definitely coming true is Clawdeen Wolf™. Clawdeen is about to head off on a Scarisian fashion adventure with her beasties and you can get a lowdown on what the GFFs have been up to right here! We also get some totes uuhh-mazing sneak freak news from gossip ghoul on the latest Monster High™ groanings on, as well as more fierce fashion tips, your spring horoscopes, beastly brain teasers, puzzles and monster giveaways! So grab your GFFs for some fiendish fun, and pick up the latest issue!

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Here's what's inside:

Monster High™ News in Monster High™ Magazine #2

Chilling Monster High™ News!

Get a sneak peak at the latest Monster High™ news as Gossip ghoul reveals her latest scoops, including a report from the tres freak streets of Scaris™ and check out the highs and lows on the school spirit to find out what's cool or ghoul!

'Scaris™' feature in Monster High™ Magazine #2

Scaris: City of Frights!

When Clawdeen Wolf, Monster High's fiercest fashionista, gets the chance to meet the world's most famous icons, she swaps the classrooms of Monster High™ for the cobblestones of Scaris™. Read all about her fur-rocious fashion adventure!

'Fashion Quiz' feature in Monster High™ Magazine #2

Fashion Idol

Are you unbelievably romantic like Draculaura, extremely exotic like Cleo, super stylish like Clawdeen or spookily sporty like Lagoona - which ghoul friend is your fashion role model? Take the quiz in this issue to find out!


  • Customize a pair of sneakers and make them drop dead gore-geous!
  • Fangtastic giveaway - your chance to win Monster High™ dolls, DVDs and more!
  • Find out how to make a totally voltageous bracelet!
  • Clawdeen's Killer Styles!

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