Quark's Bar


Quark's Bar

In issue #40 of Star Trek Magazine we open the doors to "Quark's", a place for fans to share their love of all things Trek, and we're looking for your stories, opinions, photos and artwork.

Have you met a Ferengi in the flesh? Do you have photographic evidence, inadmissible in a Federation court of law? Then we want to hear your stories, and see your pictures.

If you're into dressing up, then enter our Cosplay Challenge. In the May issue, we want you to flex your Ferengi lobes in celebration of the Great Material Continuum. Get into your favourite Ferengi finery, take a photo, and send it to us. May the best Quark, Rom or Nog win!

And you can share your artistic creations with other Trek fans in our holo-gallery, dedicated to all forms of fan-made art.

At Quark's anything goes. Well, almost anything – No Tribbles Allowed!

Email your art, pictures and stories to startrekmagazine@titanemail.com.

Hailing frequencies are also open for your Trek memories, thoughts and opinions. Email our letters page 'Communicator' at the same email address today!