Star Trek: Discovery will be beaming onto your TV in May, 2017. And before you start screaming and gnashing your Klingon gnashers, it's been 50 years - what's a few more months between friends?!  In the meantime, The Official Star Trek Magazine is celebrating that half-century in style. This issue is packed with science officers, Krall, a genetically-enhanced doctor, a podcaster, a salt monster, a candy-flavoured Klingon, and some mad captains...

Last, but not least, we have an exciting giveaway: Fifty Years of Stark Trek, a special collection of classic archive interviews, telling the true story behind the making of the world's favorite sci-fi saga, as told by people closest to it- the stars of Star Trek!

Starfleet's Finest: a feature dedicated to Star Trek's Science Officers!

Star Trek Beyond's villain gets our Trek-talkers' attention.

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06 Dec 2016