Design a Vehicle - and see it come to life in an upcoming issue!

No! Your eyes do not deceive you! Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine wants YOU to design a new vehicle for your favourite The Clone Wars heroes (or villains!) to battle against in an upcoming comic strip! The winning entry will have their illustrated vehicle immortalized in the official magazine, and see their vehicle enter the Star Wars canon.

Here, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine editor Mark McKenzie-Ray gives his top tips about what makes a cool vehicle, and at the bottom of the page is all the information you need to enter the contest and become part of Star Wars history…

Choose your allegiance

Who will be the owner of your vehicle? A Jedi? A Separatist? A bounty hunter? This decision can influence many aspects of your vehicle: its function, the planet (or planets) it can be used on and, perhaps most importantly, how it looks. Give your vehicle a bit of history: who built it? How did it come into possession of its owner? These sorts of questions will help define the look and feel of the vehicle.

Give it a paintjob

Design and colour are vital to the creation of a vehicle – it’s what people are going to see first! But remember, crazy, bright colours might make your vehicle stick out, but it may not be Count Dooku’s first choice for a Separatist ship!

Bigger isn’t always better

While it might be tempting to create the biggest vehicle you could ever imagine, it takes a lot of firepower to move a massive behemoth, and when they do eventually get going, they can be a bit slow and clunky! Anakin is one of the greatest pilots and even he prefers the light and supple handling of his interceptor. The best things come in small packages!

Don’t forget the firepower

PEW! ZAPP! KA-BOOM! Running away from a dogfight will only get you so far! Sometimes you have to face your opponents head-on, and what better way than with some advanced weaponry? From missile launchers to ion cannons, turbolaser turrets to flak guns, there’s a weapon for every occasion!

Land, sea or air?

Think about where your vehicle is going to go and what it is going to be used for. Flying through space is cool, but don’t underestimate the importance of land-based vehicles, or even transport that can go underwater! Do you think there’s a type of vehicle that The Clone Wars is missing?

So what are you waiting for? Download this form (PDF file, 278 KB), grab your pens and pencils, and get designing RIGHT NOW! When you’ve created the perfect vehicle, send your entry to:

Design a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Vehicle Competition,
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine,
Titan Magazines,
2819 Rosehall Lane
IL 60503

Or via email to clonewarsprizes@titanemail.com

We can’t wait to see your awesome entries. Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE CHANCES OF WINNING. MANY WILL ENTER, ONLY ONE WILL WIN. The contest is only open to legal residents of the US who are at least 13 years of age, or with parental or guardian consent. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by June 3, 2013. The winner and runners up will be selected by the editor from all eligible entries received. Any entries deemed obscene, offensive, plagiarized or conflicting with third party intellectual property rights will not be entered into the contest. There is no compensation for submissions, and we regret that we cannot return submissions. Submissions sent for consideration for the contest indicate permission to publish and use the submitter’s first name, city of residence and submission. Titan Publishing Group is the recognized promoter of this competition. No employees of Titan Publishing Group or participating companies are allowed to enter. The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Category: Features | Posted on: 25 March 2013