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Warwick Davis was the cutest Ewok on Endor, played the title character in Willow, and is now the star of his own TV show, the hilarious Life's Too Short. We asked our friends on Facebook what they most wanted to ask Warwick Davis, and got some great answers. Check out a selection of them in this extract from Star Wars Insider #133...

What do you make of Wicket blinking in the Blu-ray version of Return of the Jedi? - Ryan Weavell

Originally, the only movement on that face was my tongue, which fitted between the Ewok teeth, and give a bit of life to Wicket's face. It was a very unusual step to have one of the main characters be so expressionless, but it kind of worked, probably due to my superb acting! To add blinking is an enhancement, really. It's building on my performance. I think it's a good addition to my character. It makes it look a little bit more natural. We kind of accepted it as it was for almost 30 years, but the blink is for a new generation.

Do you still have any of the Star Wars toys that Mark Hamill gave you during the filming of Return of the Jedi? - Miles Ritchie

Yes, I do. I have them all inside my Darth Vader head carry-case that I also got at the same time. I have lost Obi-Wan Kenobi's cloak, and I have chewed Luke Skywalker's lightsaber that used to pop up out of his hand. But apart from that, they are in mint condition. By the way, the chewing didn't happen recently. That happened when I was about 12, just to set that straight.

Was it odd being Yoda in Episode I and not being able to talk? Did you do the voice on set? - John Othites

It was a great honor to play Yoda. I did do the voice - you can't help it when you are dressed up with the ears, the gloves, and the stick. You can't help but do the Yoda laugh! I did the voice on set, but they didn't use it because I don't sound like Frank Oz. I do a great Miss Piggy though.

Ask Warwick Davis feature in Star Wars Insider #133
Star Wars Insider #133 newsstand cover

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Category: Features | Posted on: 1 May 2012