The Insider Awards

We want your votes for your favorite parts of the Star Wars universe in the 2011/2012 Star Wars Insider Awards! The winners will be announced in Insider issue 137 (on sale October 23). We preview the categories below - but you can skip that and open the voting form straight away by clicking here. Make your vote count - voting ends July 13!

Favorite episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season Four

Did the underwater action in “Water War” rock your boat? Or perhaps the droids antics in “Nomad Droids” made your servos combust? Whether it was the dark tale that unfolded on Umbara or the return of Darth Maul, everybody has a favorite! Choose from all 22 episodes!

Favorite book (fiction)

It’s been another great year, so it’s going to be difficult to choose from the awesome range of titles released. Will you go for Timothy Zahn’s Choices of One, James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis, or one of the books from the epic Fate of the Jedi series, or something else?

Favorite book (non-fiction)

Did you love learning How to speak Wookiee? Is Star Wars: The Blueprints the pride of your bookcase? Maybe you have another favorite from the multitude of titles released? Let us know which fantastic non-fiction book made the grade!

Favorite comic

Vote for your favorite story arc from Dark Horse Comics’ excellent Star Wars comic range!

Favorite collectible

Choose your favorite collectible or toy from the likes of Hasbro, Gentle Giant, and LEGO!

Plus, we’ll be announcing the first recipient of the Insider Icon Award, where we honor an individual for their outstanding contribution to the Star Wars community during the last year!


Movie Hero

Do you love Luke or Leia or is Han the man for you? Choose your favorite good guy here!

Movie Villain

From Darth Vader to Boba Fett, from Watto to Jabba the Hutt, everybody loves a baddie and Star Wars saga has plenty to choose from!

Greatest movie moment

Which sequence gets you punching the air and cheering? We want to know your favorite movie moment from the Star Wars movies!


The Star Wars Insider Hall of Fame

Three people who have made an outstanding contribution to the Star Wars saga recognized!

Favorite Star Wars Movie

Vote for your favorite Star Wars movie from the six theatrically released live- action films!

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Category: Features | Posted on: 6 June 2012